We are a small team but don’t let that fool you. Our small team is the reason for our agility and the excellent service we can provide to our customers. To learn more about the people behind Midwest Fastener Supply, have a look at our bios or reach out to us through email or our website’s contact form.

Anastasia Pike – President / CEO

Anastasia has been with MFS since June of 1993.  Her first role with the company included filing papers and packaging o-rings. Since then she has held pretty much every role in the company, from warehouse clerk to her previous role as Vice President of Operations, and takes great pride in being the third generation to run the family business. Anastasia is married and has one daughter.  When she’s not trying new restaurants, she likes to travel and hang out with friends.

You can reach Anastasia at: ana @ midwestfastener dot com


Marsha Sutton – Secretary / Treasurer / Controller

Marsha has been with MFS since November of 1992.  Her first role in the company was a short stint in the warehouse, pulling parts and getting orders shipped out.  She has; however, spent the majority of her tenure as the company’s Bookkeeper.  She is very efficient, orderly and makes sure that things run like a well oiled machine.  Marsha is married and has two daughters and two grand-daughters.  She has an intense passion for felines and is very creatively crafty.

You can reach Marsha at: marsha @ midwest fastener dot com


Amanda Crone – Sales Assistant / Purchasing

Amanda has been with MFS since March of 2005.  She hired on with the company as a sales assistant, but has learned to wear many hats over the years.  Today, Amanda is a bit of a Jane of all trades doing purchasing, sales and pulling parts in the warehouse.  She has been a great fit for our team and continues to bring value to our company.  She is married and has two daughters.  Amanda is active in her church and loves to spend time with her family.

You can reach Amanda at: amanda @ midwest fastener dot com


Micky Reid – Warehouse Manager

Micky has been with MFS since August of 1997.  He hired on to work in the warehouse and over time, his leadership and hard work ethic lead to his current role as warehouse manager.  He pulls orders, inspects parts, does our shipping/receiving and is absolutely up to any challenge that is presented to him.  Definitely a jack of all trades, his desire to try anything and his incredible work ethic speak volumes about him.  Micky is married and has one son and one daughter.  He spends a lot of his time helping others and every once in a while, chances his luck at the casino.

You can reach Micky at: micky @ midwest fastener dot com


Jay Patterson – Chairman / IT Consultant

Jay has been with MFS since August of 1983.  The warehouse is a common place for new employees to start and that’s exactly where Jay began.  He worked his way up thru the ranks and took over leadership of Midwest Fastener in the early 1990’s.  Another multi-talented, Jack of all Trades, he revolutionized the business when he automated our inventory, built / networked all of our computers, introduced our first stocking programs and saved us from the Y2K bug. He is one of the brightest individuals you will come across, always on the cutting edge with his ideas and inventions. He continues to be a viable asset to our company and we’re thankful he hasn’t yet headed of for the next exotic beach. Jay has two daughters, two-granddaughters and a long time girlfriend with whom he enjoys spending his time.  He loves to ride his motorcycles, play with his dog Buddy and fly just about anything that can be flown.